Welcome to Marney Reid Presents Connect 2 Develop, where professionals come to connect with others, continue to develop, and be inspired!


I started this podcast when live events, in-person meetings, and conferences came to a standstill and I wanted to continue learning from and sharing that knowledge with others.


Thank you for joining us on this journey where we bring insight and advice on professional development from experts of all industries, tenures, and viewpoints.



About me:

Hi everyone,


Thank you for checking out my podcast, Connect To Develop.  My name is Marney, and I currently live in southeast FL where I work remotely as a National Senior Director of Strategy and Business Development for an industry leader in healthcare. 


I've spent the majority of my professional life in the medical industry, starting my career in sales. I spent four years in B2B and then transitioned to surgical device. After nine years of sales, I transitioned into a "corporate gig," creating a new role and program within a global industry leader in medical device and now having the honor of launching new programs at my current company.  Part of my current role is creating and running programs for surgeons to prepare them for the shift into value-based care and various aspects of leadership and practice development.


While I spend my professional time learning from physicians and healthcare executives, I've met all types of people through work travels. I’m constantly inspired by hearing different perspectives on a challenge or goal I've been working on and getting insight from the least likely mentors.  Look around you each day, and you’ll find these “unlikely mentors” by simply turning to the person next to you and saying "hello."


My motto is threefold: “nothing in life is impossible if you come from a place of wanting to help others; act with integrity; and never let go of your dreams.”